The objects of the Collector’s Council are:

  1. To act as Australia’s peak collector body and advocate, representing its member organizations and their collector and historian constituency in consultation on national issues.
  2. To advise governments, public institutions, and members of the public of the cultural, historical, intrinsic and investment value of collections of arms and associated artifacts;
  3. To provide information to the media to promote public awareness in respect of historic arms and their collection, significance legislative requirements and ownership;
  4. To promote the collection, restoration and preservation of historic arms.
  5. To promote and assist the study, recording and dissemination of arms history.
  6. To promote within Australasia a life style within which collectors are able to share with the public the enjoyment and benefit of collecting arms and associated historical artifacts;
  7. To promote community acceptance that collectors are the custodians of historical arms and associated artifacts for the benefit of future generations of Australians, recognizing that public museums are unable to fully perform this function.